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Cross Financial Services has changed its name to Financial Life Advisors as part of a merger and to more accurately describe who we are: A Fee Only Financial Planning Firm, Making A Difference In The Lives Of Our Clients.

Business and Exit Planning

Business owners are willing to take on the risks and responsibilities of being in charge. They value advice, make decisions, measure results, and like bottom lines. While their business is often the most significant and complex financial asset that they own, it is frequently the most neglected in their financial planning.

The transition out of a business is one of the most important financial events of a business owner's life. It takes several years of preparation and planning to do it well. We understand the complexity and needs of business ownership, especially when family is involved, because business owners and executives represent the majority of our clients.  We design and help implement succession plans that address critical issues that can impact an owner's business and their personal plans.